“Gurls Wurld” TV Series

Steve was the Horsemaster on the hit children’s TV series, Gurls Wurld.

Filming of "Gurls World"

Filming of “Gurls World”


Drummer during filming of “Gurls Wurld”

The series was filmed in January 2009 on location at Karen Higgens’ beautiful property and in bushland locations on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.



Steve was responsible for all the horse work on the show. Prior to the show commencing all the actors who were required to ride attended Equestrian Excellence and underwent riding tuition from Steve and Sandy.


Filming during “Gurls Wurld”

Our saddle horses were: Drummer, Tonka, Zulu, Justin and Jamieson. Drummer also played a double role as the wild stallion.

Steve Jefferys and Jamieson

Steve Jefferys and Jamieson