Steven Jefferys Saddle Range

AmmoSaddle1The Steven Jefferys range of saddles was designed by Steve to satisfy a number of issues which Steve required from a saddle.

He required the following;

  • A saddle to fit a large variety of horse’s backs
  • It had to spread evenly over a larger than normal area of the horses backs
  • It had to give support yet allow the rider to rise up and forward in the saddle in order to enhance the schooling of a variety of horses from different disciplines.
  • The saddle has to sit close to the horse’s back with fenders rather than traditional stirrup leathers in order to protect the rider’s legs during long hours of work.
  • Above all other criteria was the other riding requirement that the stirrups be positioned correctly to ensure the rider’s position would be correct and balanced.
  • Has to encourage the rider’s seat to open at the hips in order to position the lower legs correctly to contact with the horse’s rib cage leaving the rider’s shoulders and hips positioned comfortably over their ankles.

There are two versions of this saddle. They can be purchased from  Please visit the Saddleworld website for a stockist near you and the current price range.