Steve Jefferys

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Steven Jefferys is renown worldwide as the man who opened the Olympic games, ‘The Man from Snowy River’, his breathtaking gallop on to centre stage with his Stock Horse ‘Ammo’ and with a huge rear and crack of the whip, signalled the start of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Steven’s appearance with his black stallion ‘Jamieson’, at the Olympic Equestrian events has brought him high acclaim throughout the equestrian world. The audience was overwhelmed, watching Steven perform advanced dressage movements displaying correct collection and flexion with nothing but a piece of string around Jamieson’s neck.

The duo are also well known for their role as the opening act in the Mane Event in 1999 at Equitana Asia Pacific, with a enthralling liberty act depicting ‘Mans first Ride’. Steven was also a guest lecture within the Equitana Education program. In 2001 Steven appeared with his daughter Ashleigh and performed ‘Toy Story’ and then in 2002 he appeared in the Mane Event in a wild west show, depicting the hero’s journey to rescue the heroine. All these roles have been developed, scripted and choreographed by Steven and Sandy Jefferys.

Steven and Jamieson have performed at prestigious events such as the Royal Easter Show, dianna ferrari dressage championships, National dressage championships, Spray Farm International horse trial, and The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival. Steven has appeared on many national television programs including ‘A current Affair’, ‘Today tonight’, and ‘Totally Wild’ to name a few.

EE pics 010His most recent appearance was in an acting role as ‘The Breaker’ in the Man From Snowy River Arena Spectacular, which toured Australia. Steven was also responsible for teaching Martin Crews, ‘The Man’ to ride. Martin also had to work with the talented ‘colt from old Regret’, played by Drummer, Steven’s other star horseperformer.

Steven’s training techniques are showcased through Jamieson’s performances across the board. With credible wins in dressage, eventing, hacking and working stockhorse events, making ‘Jamieson’ Australia’s most versatile horse.

At home in Sydney, there is a high demand from the equestrian fraternity for Steven’s expertise. He teaches students from all fields, deals with problem horses, works on film and T.V sets, competes successfully, delivers seminars, and lectures at university on Animal behaviour. Steven’s talents are also very evident as a teacher/communicator through the excellent results of his many students across a wide range of equestrian disciplines. One of the best displays of Steven’s ability to work with both horse and rider was his inclusion in the team who put together the Opening Ceremony’s ‘Welcome’ segment of 120 horsemen and women.

Steven has performed at the following major eventsEE pics 009– Opened the 2000 Olympic games, he was the Lone rider who galloped in and with a crack of the whip signalled the start to the Olympic Opening ceremony (viewed by 4.3 billion people)

– Steve and Jamieson entertained at the Olympic Equestrian events, in front of a crowd of 30,000 people he was highly acclaimed worldwide.

– Steven was instrumental in selecting and training the 120 riders who rode in the ‘Welcome segment’ in the Olympic Opening Ceremony. He was used in an advisory capacity by SOCOG to not only find the horses and riders, but to prepare a safe and workable environment for the horses to perform in.

– Steven has lectured at university and conferences on animal behaviour and training techniques. He is very effective at demonstrating how he trains his animals can cross-over into human relations in the workplace.

– Steven has performed in or lectured at:

  1. The ‘Man from Snowy River Arena spectacular’ (Kevin Jacobson/David Atkins productions) as the ‘Breaker’, which was an accredited acting role, requiring Steven to deliver lines as well as sing. Steven was a major horse trainer in the show, training the ‘colt from Old Regret’, as well teaching the main star – Martin Cruz to ride prior to the show
  2. Australian Horse Alliance Fundraiser
  3. Barastoc Horse of the Year
  4. Trivett Classic, International Dressage Championships
  5. Sydney Royal Easter Show (1998 and 1999)
  6. Riding For Disabled National Workshop
  7. Dubbo horse extravaganza
  8. dianna ferrari Dressage Championships
  9. Northside Riding Club 25th Anniversary Princess Ann arena.
  10. Entertained at the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) and Chief Executive Organisation (CEO), International Conferences.
  11. The opening Act for the Mane Event, 1999 Equiatana, Australiasia
  12. Lectured as a trainer at Equitana, Australiasia
  13. Performed in the Mane Event and was part of the educational segments for the 2001 and 2002 Equitana.
  14. Reared ‘Ammo’ the horse who opened the Olympic games, on the forecourt of the Sydney Opera house in Celebration of the Lord Mayor’s New Years Eve, 2002 gala party, with the fireworks spectacular in full swing.

SteveSpud– Steven was the horse master on the Jeep Cherokee advertisement, this required Spud to run free along side the motor vehicle.

– Steven and Spud were the main studies for the EQUIMAX advertisement, which appears in all horse magazines. This ad was based on all liberty work, Spud is shown running free as well as free jumping.

– Steven was the horsemaster on the Singapore Airlines advertisement, a million dollar commercial, which is currently airing overseas and on cable television. Steve was required to run a team of wild horses at liberty across a desert. Steven and Jamieson star as the cowboy riding the beautiful black stallion with an elaborate airline seat attached to Spud’s back.

– A nightclub at West Pennant Hills asked Steve to bring Spud into the club to promote ‘Black Stallion’ electrolyte drink. This required walking Spud through a full public bar, whilst the music was in full swing, past the pool tables and out to the beer garden. Not an easy manoeuvre to perform.